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Family Law Navigate Your New Chapter With Confidence.

Bergen County Family Law Lawyers

Divorce is never easy, even in the most amicable circumstances. When clients come to TMO Law LLC, they are often experiencing one of the most emotional chapters of their lives. We encourage clients not to think of divorce as an ending, but rather an opportunity for a new beginning. A new chapter we will help them plan for and achieve.

Our Bergen County family law lawyers have over 100 years of combined experience. We leverage our collective knowledge and experience in a collaborative effort to help secure the best possible outcome for every client. We advise clients in all aspects of family law matters, including but not limited to the following:

  • Alimony: We strive to provide guidance and negotiate fair terms to meet our client’s needs and best interests.
  • Child Custody: We work to establish child custody, visitation, and appropriate and fair support in the children’s best interests.
  • Child Support: Both parents are financially responsible for their children, regardless of marital status or contact with them.
  • Division of Marital Assets and Debts: We aid in identifying marital assets and strive to establish a fair and equitable division per New Jersey law.
  • Divorce: You will have a knowledgeable and experienced legal team on your side to help navigate the complexities and challenges of the divorce process.
  • Domestic Violence: We are staunch advocates for our clients and provide support and legal protection to keep you and your children safe.
  • Guardianship: We provide comprehensive legal assistance to ensure the well-being and protection of individuals who cannot make critical decisions for themselves.
  • Mediation, Arbitration, and Collaborative Divorce: We make every attempt to resolve divorces out of the courtroom whenever possible through collaborative alternative resolutions, such as mediation or arbitration, to reach amicable agreements.
  • Post-Judgment Matters: Lives and circumstances change over time, and we guide modifying divorce agreements based on current and future circumstances.
  • Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements: Our Bergen County family law lawyers can craft prenuptial and postnuptial agreements that safeguard your assets during a divorce.

Success Through Collaboration

In every case, we are always prepared to litigate a divorce, but strive to reach a negotiated settlement out of the courtroom whenever possible.

Alternative resolution strategies, such as mediation or arbitration, offer a much more amicable method of reaching a collaborative agreement. Alternative resolution allows both spouses more control in decision-making, increases privacy, and resolves impasses less contentiously for a quicker resolution and final divorce agreement.

TMO Law LLC has a successful track record of resolving divorces through alternative resolution methods and litigating in county court. We will work tirelessly to achieve a fair and equitable settlement for every client.

Help for Survivors of Domestic Violence

Deciding to leave an abusive partner is one of the most difficult decisions for survivors of domestic violence. We will help. You need an advocate and support to keep you protected immediately and throughout divorce proceedings.

If you are planning to leave and seek a divorce, you can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline to help you and your children relocate to a safe location. Once you have reached safety, you can contact our Bergen County family law lawyers to begin establishing legal protective measures.

“He really made me feel like I was his only client, making the effort to remember appropriate personal details. And at the end of it all, when emotions were high, he even extended his compassion and guidance to my spouse.”
“He gets the job done. I Highly recommend him”
“I wholeheartedly recommend Scott Orr to anyone considering mediation as a means to streamline a divorce”