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Child Support Protect Your Children’s Future.

Bergen County Child Support Lawyers

Child Support

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Child support is one of the most contested issues between divorcing couples. Without a knowledgeable lawyer, navigating New Jersey’s complex child support laws, guidelines, and requirements can be daunting, if not impossible. Our Bergen County child support lawyers at TMO Law LLC have 75 years of experience and collectively work to ensure the best possible outcome for each client.

How Is Child Support Determined in New Jersey?

Child support is money the non-custodial parent pays the custodial parent for children’s basic financial needs and expenses.

In New Jersey, parents are financially responsible for their children, and children are entitled to share in their income. The state enforces these specific guidelines to ensure children are financially cared for and have the same standard of living they were accustomed to during their parents’ marriage.

Child support in New Jersey typically covers the following:

  • Childcare costs
  • Education expenses
  • Financial expenses for food, clothing, and shelter
  • Healthcare and health insurance
  • Medical expenses for emergency and other medical care
  • Travel expenses for visitation
  • Other expenses the court deems relevant

To determine the amount of child support payments the non-custodial parent must pay, the court considers several factors, including but not limited to:

  • Each parent’s income
  • Daycare expenses
  • Health insurance expenses
  • Social Security benefits
  • Children’s living arrangements
  • Other factors the court deems relevant

The state provides a Shared Parenting Worksheet for spouses to use as a starting point to determine the amount of child support allotments the non-custodial parent should fairly pay. Courts presume the amount to be correct, which allows it to be challenged if either spouse feels the figure is unfair. However, the spouse challenging the amount will be required to demonstrate why.

Settling Child Support Issues Through Mediation

At TMO Law LLC, our Bergen County child support lawyers prefer to reach agreements on all issues through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) whenever possible. One such avenue is mediation, a structured environment mediated by a neutral third party who aids couples in reaching agreements on all divorce issues more amicably. Mediation is exceedingly helpful for establishing children’s custody and financial support arrangements. Many parents choose mediation as an initial option to avoid courtroom litigation.

During mediation sessions, parents are encouraged to openly discuss their children’s needs, including life expenses, medical care, education, special needs, and other relevant factors.

How Can a Bergen County Child Support Lawyer Help?

A skilled Bergen County child support lawyer can help navigate the complex process of establishing and enforcing child support, streamline the process, anticipate potential issues, and work to resolve the case as quickly and amicably as possible. Our Bergen County child support lawyers can do the following:

  • Provide personalized legal advice based on New Jersey child support laws and your children’s needs.
  • Mediate and negotiate a fair child support agreement.
  • Modify existing child support agreements as needed.
  • Protect the rights and best interests of you and your children throughout the process.
  • Enforce child support orders if a non-custodial parent defaults on payments.

Bergen County Child Support Lawyers at TMO Law LLC Help Parents Establish a Financially Stable Future for Their Children

If you need help establishing child support or modifying an existing agreement, our Bergen County child support lawyers at TMO Law LLC can provide sound legal guidance. Call us today at 201-971-4866 or contact us online to schedule a consultation. Located in Paramus, New Jersey, we serve clients in Bergen County, Passaic, Morris, Essex, Hudson, and northern New Jersey.

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