Should I Wait Until My Divorce Is Finalized Before Dating?

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The divorce process can take several months to a year or more to resolve, whether you are pursuing a fault-based or no-fault divorce. During this time, you may miss the companionship you had when you were married. However, while starting a new relationship may become increasingly more appealing, it could sometimes harm the outcome of your divorce. If you are getting a divorce and have questions or concerns about the implications of dating, contact an experienced divorce lawyer.

Even if you and your spouse are separated and living apart, the court may consider your new relationship as adultery. If your divorce is contentious, your spouse may seek additional spousal support, demand custody of your children, or make other unreasonable requests, arguing that you were unfaithful.

Tips for Dating Before a Divorce Is Finalized

You should keep some guidelines in mind as you navigate the divorce process.

  • DO be careful about how you communicate and interact with a new partner in front of your children. Do not rush to introduce them to a new partner, particularly when the relationship is new.
  • DO be honest with a new partner about your status. It is important that you are honest about your situation and that you are technically still married. Discuss any progress with your partner, and hold off on taking your relationship to the next level until your divorce has been finalized.
  • DO accept support from friends and family. As one relationship ends and another begins, it can be a lot to process. Discuss your thoughts and feelings about your current situation and the challenges associated with the divorce process with close friends and family.
  • DO NOT even consider dating until you and your spouse are physically separated. If you start dating while still living together in the same house, it can create a hostile living situation.
  • DO NOT date openly. This can cause your spouse to use this against you during divorce proceedings.
  • DO NOT start living with a new partner before your divorce is finalized. Moving in together while your divorce is still pending may be viewed unfavorably by the court and negatively impact your divorce settlement.

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